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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christmas Wish List!!!

Dear friends/family on this journey,
The Holy Cross School has put together a Christmas Wish List for its students. We are hoping to give each child a Christmas ‘goodie bag’ at the end of the school year –December 7th. You are invited to contribute in any way you can. Any offering is a valuable investment of your time.

A new link has been posted at the top of this blog, entitled 'Christmas Wish List', where you can find the following list whenever you need it.

Our Wish List:

Prayers: Any and all prayers are welcome. Praying for safety for the children during the break, a renewed focus upon return, an openness to seeing God in their lives, and renewed vigor for the teachers and staff (just saying :)) will be highly cherished, along with any other prayers offered.
            *Advice: If you would like, you can type out a prayer and email it to us. We could share it with the children/staff and show how they are being cared for.

Christmas Cards!!! A personal message to a child can be a wonderful gift. We have 28 students total, listed below. Store-bought or handmade, the cards would be touching. Other than prayers, this is possibly the best way you can show your support.
If you organize a group to make cards, take pictures and send them to us! It would be great to show the children that people across the world are caring for them. You can email them to me, or include them in the package.

Candy: Small, bite-sized candy could be a pleasant treat. Also, if you can find a small package of candy canes to send over, please do so! They are not common in South Africa.

Socks: Many of the children only have 1-2 pairs of socks. If you can supply a pair of socks that fit a child between 5-7 years old, it will be a very useful gift. Any color can work.
            Advice: Don’t worry about high quality. These socks will get worn out fast.

Puzzles: Both grades use puzzles on a regular basis. Sending puzzles for children up to age 8 could certainly be put to use.

Money: If you would like to make a monetary donation, perhaps in honor of a loved one, we will welcome any and all offerings. Send a message or leave a comment, and we will get in touch with you.

Many heavier items, such as books, would not be worth sending to the school. Holy Cross is well-stocked on these supplies, and it would also be highly expensive to send them to South Africa.  A monetary donation would be a far more efficient use of your talents.

*Please note: you may have to send packages one month early in order for timely arrival. This would mean mailing them the week of November 5th.

For monetary donations, please contact us to learn how to offer them.

Would you like to know more about the school? Do you have a gift idea not mentioned above? Leave a comment on this blog and I can get back to you.

In Christ,
-Cameron S, along with The Holy Cross Community


  1. Cameron,

    I would love to have my Sunday School kiddos write and send Christmas cards (at the least) to Holy Cross! Do the color of the socks matter?

  2. Hi, Beautiful Disaster!!

    The colors do not matter. If it helps, they tend to like brighter colors :)

    Thanks for your support! I appreciate both posts you've posted so far. It is great to see people following whom I have not even met.

    God Bless!!!

    1. I'll be revealing this opportunity to our congregation tomorrow! I'm so excited to give our congregation and our children the opportunity to give a christmas surprise to other children and teach them more about loving others!

      I guess i could introduce myself lol! I'm Megan, I'm a senior at Ball State University in Muncie, In, majoring in Special Education. As Ive previously mentioned I'm the orgainzer/Sunday school teacher for Trinity Episcopal Church in Anderson (IN).

      Thanks again for sharing your journey and inspiring/encouraging me to take a leap of faith and commit time into serving God through missionary work.

  3. HI Cameron,
    thanks for letting us know about all these options. I know your grandmother is already having a blast shopping for your kids. :)

  4. grandmother, for sure, having a shopping is your mother :0)