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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Take a road trip...

map_of_south-africa1-2012-10-18-13-20.jpgpart 1 of a 2-week recap

Holy Cross, like most schools in the Eastern Cape, had a one-week break at the start of October. During our break, Stephen and I visited YASCer Jared Grant in Maseru, Lesotho. You might remember him from “Itipini-Update”, where he showed considerable flexibility following Itipini’s collapse. Jared now serves the Anglican Diocese of Lesotho, headquartered in Maseru, where he and the fellow church staff graciously hosted us for a few nights. 

We shared stories of YASC life, learned Lesotho culture, and enjoyed mountain-side views.
Jared, Stephen, and myself. Picture taken just outside Roma, Lesotho.
Jared overlooking Maseru, Lesotho.

Our drive around Roma. Yep -it was steep.

The Diocesan Headquarters contained the Cathedral, the Bishop’s house, and guest lodging -where we stayed. These grounds have been home to all the past Lesotho Bishops, including Desmond Tutu.

We enjoyed each other’s company, and hope for future YASC meet-ups throughout the year. Plans are already in the works for a reunion at the Monastery!

Thanks for following, and look for part 2 soon (God willing)
In Christ,


  1. Great pictures and great idea to get together with other YASCers. Kept me sane when I was one!


    1. Thank you Jesse!! I appreciate the compliment.

      I read your post "So that the world may believe" earlier today, and loved it. That prayer has uplifted me many times, and I valued the connections you made to the present-day church.

      God Bless!!!

  2. Cameron,

    Thanks for including your visit to Lesotho. Pics are awesome. Blessings and prayers!


  3. Great to be traveling, good to be gathering with friends and supporters. Such a treat to see Africa and see you. Now, stand up straight, please! xoxo