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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

St. Augustine's

Like many South African cities, Grahamstown has a large township - an urban sprawl of shacks and unkempt buildings. Used as non-white housing during apartheid, these areas lack many of the luxuries afforded to the inner-city population.

For the past 2 Mondays, I have accompanied Stephen Smith and Br. Josias to a weekly youth program at St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, located in the Grahamstown township. Their Monday program involves feeding approx. 20 children after school, and giving them a place to play.

Last Monday, we stayed inside due to rain, but it was an invaluable experience none-the-less.

After explaining the rules, Stephen played dominoes with the older boys while Br. Josias led a religious studies class with the rest of the youth. They discussed the 2nd day of creation and cut-and-pasted sky, water, and land pictures into a journal.

We finished with dominoes, puzzles, and bingo (led by me!).
What stood out to me was how incredibly respectful everybody was. The youth were attentive during rules, and very focused when one of us had something to say. This was very much ‘in the trenches’ of a crime- and poverty-ridden area, but the kindness displayed was first-rate.
….of course, we still had some spontaneous laughing and dancing :)

This is an exciting ministry that I have the option to pursue further. Jr. High and Sr. High is an age range I have very much felt called to in the past, and it was a refreshing experience to be with them after several months away. As God continues to work in me during this journey, I look forward to pursuing whatever calling He reveals next. 

Have a blessed day!!!
In Christ,

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  1. oh, the blog posts are coming faster now and are getting more complex. I am grateful to you for sharing such a personal journey with so many folks, Cameron. It's a brave thing.