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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take a road trip, come to Jesus, and start learning (again)

part 3 of a two-week recap
no photos today due to blogger issues

After the break, it was back to the books for the 4th term of school.Our morning ABC/numbers routine has expanded further -several students have now counted to 100! Considering the South Africa standard for grade R is 1-10, this is a significant step.
Counting back to zero is in-the-works :)

This morning ritual has been a great window to witness student improvement. Recently, students have correctly pronounced “three” and “thirteen” with ease, and several counted to new personal bests. We occasionally slip back to old habits, but overall we are learning.

This routine occasionally ends with a childrens-edition bible story (think: basic Sunday School).  Last week, I read Samson and Delilah; yesterday, I read Noah’s ark while the head teacher translated.

With only a handful of these mini-books available, the students hear them multiple times over the year. Many of them recognized the story before I started reading.

The students, for the most part, have handled every new challenge we present. Some students are still struggling, and some of these 'challenges’ might seem simple, but never-the-less you can clearly see the improvement over time.

Thank you for the continued support, and thank you for joining me in this journey!!!

In Christ,
-Cameron S


  1. What about books that are also about transformation and goodness but not necessarily Bible themes--like the Velveteen Rabbit? Any desire for other reads?

    1. Hi Shannon!
      We have plenty of those, too -when there is time for stories in the morning,they usually go with a bible-themed one and save the others for the final story time of the day.