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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Holiday! -Heritage Day

Have you ever seen, in person or on television, an African tribal dance? 

Imagine that inside a classroom, accompanied by food and games, and you have an idea of what transpired on Monday.

September 24th (Happy Belated Birthday Grandpa!!!) is Heritage Day, a holiday commemorating South Africa’s culture and history. For most of the country, this means a day off from school. For Holy Cross, this means invite the parents and have a party :)

Students dressed in Xhosa attire:
As did teachers and parents:
The windy weather kept us indoors, but that didn’t stop everyone from having a lot of fun!

Most of the day was spent dancing. We took occasional breaks for food served in traditional Xhosa style -in other words, hands only except for soup. Dig in!
Many thanks to the parents for preparing such wonderful food. It felt like a buffet!

Midway through the day, everyone sat down as one of the grandmothers explained the importance of Xhosa culture. I only understood bits and pieces, but you could tell it was a heartfelt topic. This entire celebration was fueled by the community’s sincerity toward their heritage.

The day ended with more dancing -of course!- and a group picture.
The celebration was festive, refreshing, and in typical Xhosa fashion had no pre-planning at all; things just came together. Food preparations, storytelling, games, etc. -it all just happened.

Many thanks to the parents for supporting this school festival!! And many thanks you for joining me on this journey!!!!!

In Christ,
-Cameron S


  1. Cameron, thanks for placing the wonderful pictures taken on Heritage Day on your blog. All of your updates have been awesome. I'm so proud of you!!! Love, Memere

  2. It's unfolding and getting more complex, too, eh, Cameron? So glad you're getting as much learning in as your students.