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Thursday, September 6, 2012


IMG_1818-2012-09-6-14-33.JPGSpring has officially begun! As such, ‘Spring’ is this week’s theme. Children have made flowers from play dough, identified parts of a plant, and discussed spring colors for morning activities. If you’re feeling adventurous, try tackling these Xhosa words:

Flower: Intyantyambo
Leaf: Igqape
Root: Ingcambu

The Qs represent a deep tongue click, and the C signifies a click with the tip of your tongue

Another recent development has been my trips into town! I was able to spend some significant time in town over the weekend. After ordering at a restaurant, shopping at a convenience store, visiting a book store, and finding several coffee shops, I am finally getting somewhat literate about Grahamstown. It is nice to have performed some basic errands.

Like I said: Basics :)
Apparently this is THE place to eat at

On Tuesday, I found a stick bug crawling up my leg, and let several students hold it. After some initial apprehension, they were fascinated. The moment harkened to my time as an Outdoor Educator. There’s something about seeing kids connect with nature.


As a whole, this week of school has gone very well. We can see significant improvement in the students academic skills over the past few weeks, in addition to their comfort level with me as a ‘Bhuti’ (assistant teacher). Life is good, and we look forward to what the next few days hold!!

Have a great day in Christ,

ps our students have had some fun posing for pictures. After setting the timer, we got to capture one of their favorite pastimes -being spun around by 'Bhuti'.


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  1. hooray! CAm, thanks for hte lingo introduction. It's good to see basic colgate when one is far afield. Little comforts. Also great to see you and the kids together. Good work!
    love,aunt shannon