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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Field Trip!!!

This week had an exciting adventure in store -a trip to a nearby game reserve!!!
Once arriving at the reserve, students split up into 4 different groups and piled into separate land rovers. Each vehicle also had 2 adult staff and at least 1 game ranger who led the tour. We wandered all over the reserve, stopping whenever an animal was spotted. Enjoy the picture! :)
It was easily the highlight of the school week. The students were so engaged in the process; after the excursion, the game ranger said their behavior was ‘amazing’. The rest of the week continued the animals theme with drawing what they saw on the ride, and talking about the trip in class. The students have clearly gotten an idea of what sort of wild animals exist in Africa -I look forward to seeing them tackle the next project.

Have a great day!!
In Christ,


  1. Lucky all of you!! hey, so how about teach us some Xhosa here in this space? what are their names for giraffe, lion, elephant, hippo and gazelle? did you arrive with enough xhosa to "hear" it those first days?

  2. Cameron, this is great...hope all of you had a great time! You are in my daily prayers...glad the school experience is working out well! Blessings and prayers, Stacey (you know, your first next-door neighbor at the monastery!)