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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make a joyful noise!

Hello friends!

As expected, there are lots of stories that have not made it to this blog. If I were to write every day, I still would not fully illustrate my life over the past 11+ months (yes, it has been that long!). That being said, I wanted to share a few videos taken at various times, and I hope you find them as lively as I did!

a'one, a'two...

Yesu! mHlobo -a hymn frequently sung at Holy Cross morning assembly.
Yesu! mHlobo wabantwana,
Ndiza kuWe themba lam;
Naas’ isandla ndikhokele,
Ndise ekhayeni lam.
Hleze ndilahleke mpela,
Ndiyiphos’ indlela yam;
Andibaqe uSathana,
Andenze ixhoba nam.

Heritage Day -remember this holiday? This is one of the songs which resonated across the halls. The repetitive nature made it easy to join in and dance.

Lesotho Youth Group -from our trip to Lesotho. We had the privilege of hearing these gifted individuals practice for the upcoming youth Sunday. You might recognize this song from your days around the campfire.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. So great to have the sounds to go with the sights! Thanks for wrapping up and filling in the missing pieces, Cameron. How different it will be to be back in Austin and how white! You will have much to adjust to and much to miss. xo