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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reasons to keep smiling :)

Hello again! For this post, expect a few scattered updates about life, in addition to a few videos :)

After 3 months of emptiness, the Monastery is starting to get busy again. Last weekend, we were blessed to have 20+ students from the local theological college. My only pictures are from an impromptu singing/praise session after Sunday Eucharist.

I say we were blessed because all people are unique blessings; one way these students were/are blessings is in their singing! Our high-spirited worship reminded me how vibrant church can be. 

We were also blessed to welcome none other than YASCer Holly Milburn! …and her mother!!! These wonderful ladies spent 2 night with us as part of an adventure along the garden route. Despite being on vacation, they helped teach the grade 2 English class.


This was Holly’s 2nd time at the Monastery (remember this post?) and she says she is “2 for 2” on successful trips.


Once again, our students showed exemplary behavior among visitors.

I’m now going to rewind to last week, and catch you up on laptop class:

Our students get excited about laptops. Really excited. Some students break into celebration after completing an activity.

Unsurprisingly, the children are learning the basic computer functions with little help. They also help each other complete an assignment. It is a joy to witness.
Behold (again):

 With classes like this, I’m in a good mood on Friday afternoons!
Now, shifting gears entirely: Do you remember “Waving Flag”, the official hymn of the 2010 South Africa World Cup? I had all but forgotten it until the grade R students began singing it, in Xhosa. This quickly caught on among other students, and I was soon able to catch them in the act:

These are but some of the reasons I’ve been smiling lately. Here are a few more:

-Several fellow YASCers have announced plans for life after this year, thus allowing us to share in their excitement (I can share mine once I know myself :)

-We have 2 weeks left until a school break -a break that I recently learned is not one but two weeks long! Woohoo!        (And after that, only 10 weeks left until winter break? Where has time gone?!)

-I have now been in South Africa for 7 months!!! I know this isn’t a typical milestone, but “7 months” hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I’m realizing 1) time gets away from us when we stop looking, and 2) I am happy to be here :) Simply put, it is right for me to be here -this place, this time in my life, with these opportunities for reflection. It is a blessing to live in, and I cherish knowing there are many several months more :)

What has made YOU smile today?
In Christ,


  1. Your post made me smile, Cameron. Love that Holly and her mother got to visit. Sending special hugs to you, Stephen, and all those great kids.

  2. Good post man! I see you met my friend Mathula from Lesotho. He started at the Seminary last month. He's the one holding the water bottle in the pic above. Keep it up, brother!

  3. oooo, comments! always fun to get feedback from folks. I love seeing the pix of the kids and the people that make up your world right now. Yes, SEVEN months! I've been counting from here. I can't believe we're into our 3rd month of this year already. What made me smile today, you ask? Lots and lots of robins along the roadsides hunting for spring worms!