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Saturday, March 23, 2013


It’s a half-day of school.
Brother Rob and Stephen Smith are out of town.
YOU have been tasked with opening and closing the school.

Let’s do this!

Arrive early, unlock the gates, deactivate the alarm. Bonus: Take a minute to soak in how quiet it is.
Greet the teachers as they arrive.
                                                                                             “Molo Bhuti!”
                                                                                     “ndiphilile, unjani?”
                                         “ndiphilile nam, enkosi!”

                                                                                             “Greetings, brother!”
                                                     “How are you?”        
                                                                                     “I am well, how are you?”
                                          “I am also well, thank you!”

Bonus: Have the water kettle boiling, ready for use. Tea and coffee are practically sacraments here.

Greet students as they arrive.
Students will arrive by various modes -bus, car, 2nd round of bus, walking, another car, etc; they will brush their teeth and then play until the bell rings.

While planning the day, be sure everyone knows when school is ending.

Pass the message onto students during morning line-up.

For grade 1, begin class with the typical morning routine then practice counting in multiples of 2 and 5. Once the head teacher takes over, monitor students as they tackle the math workbooks.
Help individual students as need be.

At playtime, enjoy the typical shenanigans.
“Bhuti, I’m making a cake for you!”
“Bhuti, can I please have a push?” “Yes you can! Small push or big?” “BIG PUSH!!!”

Afterwards, allow enough time for students to tidy up the playground (“Qokelelani, Qokelelani!”) and for everyone to gather belongings and line up outside. 

Lock-up the school, set the alarm, and walk to the car which is full of waiting kiddos. With Br. Rob gone, you are their afternoon driver.
No Mozart like last time, but we still made it safely.
Drive back, sit down, and ponder how fast time is going.

Congratulations! You made it through a half-day of school :) Enjoy your time off!

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  1. The pix are getting better and better, Cam. I like seeing the dialog for the day. It's good to see you learning along with the kids. xo