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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A lot happens on Thursdays

*creates blog post*
*looks it over*
“Huh, this all happened on the same day….”
It seems Thursdays are the day for blog-worthy events :)


After a quick counting drill, students split into groups and matched the English name (“one”), Xhosa name (“nye”), number (“1”), and number of dots (“*”) for numbers 1-10. This activity was the main component of our math-focused morning.
Chaos early on


I had an impromptu counting test with a few students who finished early.

I have been fortunate to receive various postcards from friends and family in the US. This week was the first time a card arrived during school; hand-delivered by Br. Rob!
As you might guess, children love getting their pictures taken. As such, the postcard quickly became a magnet for photo shoots :)


Thank you to 815 (Episcopal Church Headquarters) for the touching message. 

Also, thank you to all who have sent me mail these past 4 months. The pictures and messages are wonderful reminders of home.
A glimpse into my room

Laptop Class:
For the past 2 weeks, we’ve been focusing on a maze game that familiarizes students with arrow keys. Several students have struggled, but nevertheless you see an overall increase in computer comfort level.


As you probably know, children can learn computer skills with ease. Considering the role technology plays in our world, I am glad to see these students learning at an early age.

After School:
Christmas is here!!!!!! …well, it’s close :)
Thanks to your response to our wish list, we have a plethora of gifts to give children. You can expect a post later about the impending give-away (and a post about our Christmas play, which was performed this week!!! We’re still sharing pictures with each other, hence no summary yet), but for now I give you this sneak peek:
Have a blessed week :)
In Christ,
-Cameron S


  1. I miss that expression of sheer joy and excitement! :) Thanks for all the pictures in the posts; helps me feel like I really gain an insight!

    1. Thanks Nina! I appreciate the comment :)

      We have coffee shop wifi to thank for all the pictures -I realized the monastery wifi was overstretching itself when I added images, hence the blog problems earlier in the year.

      Maybe we can see pictures from you once you leave??? :)

      God Bless!

  2. HI Nephew,
    well done! what a great visual feast for us watching you from faraway. So glad the bounty of the holidays got there and you can start holding the big surprise with glee. xoxo