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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hello friends!
This is one of, if not THE most meaningful Thanksgiving for me.

After our typical morning greeting, Br. Rob ran back to me to say “Happy Thanksgiving!”. This kind gesture became proverbial butterfly wing flaps for the rest of the day, as I steadily smiled more, and found more meaning in our otherwise-typical day. After ‘hints’ of thankfulness throughout school -ex: discussing the gifts of the wise men during Religious Studies-, I had an early release thanks to nobody showing up for after-school clinic. (which didn't bother us one bit:))
Making gifts for baby Jesus

Success with the laptop!

To provide context to this next part, let me introduce you to Matt Kellen.
A former YASCer, Matt first came to Grahamstown in 2007, where he served many of the students that I help today. After returning to the US, Matt opted to go back to South Africa, where he married a woman he met during his YASC experience! The couple now lives just 20 minutes away from the Monastery.

Back to school:
During the day, Stephen received word from Matt about possible dinner plans. Two phone calls later, we were part of a 6:30 reservation. Stephen and I arrived a little early, had a nice talk at the bar/waiting area (Don’t worry, we weren’t crazy :)), and were soon met by Mr. and Mrs. Kellen. 

Having woken up with no plans, I was now part of a lovely dinner after a day sprinkled with happiness.
Stephen, Mr. and Mrs. Kellen, and me.

Among other things, we discussed YASC friendships, future trips, and the inspiring work of the Monastery -all of which I am thankful for. 

My night concluded with a FaceTime call to Texas that had surprisingly high quality. I got to see my grandparents, father, brother, and a clip of Thanksgiving football; yup, it was Texas alright.

Being away from the US helped me appreciate the meaningfulness of Thanksgiving. Rather than be preoccupied with travel plans or food comas, I instead am dwelling on the reasons to be thankful; considering all that has happened to me this year, there is a lot!!!

Thank you very much for following me in this journey.

…and thanks to YOUR support, we have some Christmas gifts to give :)
God Bless!!!

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  1. You are welcome! (to your thank you for following your blog.) Look at that stack of yuletide tidings! I am so grateful for those "givers" out there that leap(t) into action at a request. It's great to see more and more of your life there, Cameron, your friends and environs. xoxo