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Sunday, June 17, 2012


In the past two weeks, we learned:

1)   If you’re patient, fundraising will go better than expected ($7,749 so far!)
2)   Churches/people will gladly help out, even if they do not know you.
3)   Travel shots aren't bad ….just pricey
4)   The training program in Canada is wonderful. The pre-readings alone can awaken your inner student
5)   A Visa application, despite all the paperwork, is fairly easy
6)   Travel dates get set before you know it (August 6th!!!)
7)   If you browse through enough YASC blogs, you may find one belonging to an old friend. WHAT???

And lastly…
8)   Even when you have little to blog about, you can rest well knowing things are coming together.

Have a great week!!!

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