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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fundraising, and Itipini

We have now reached $8,199 in financial support. Many thanks to the people who gave so generously; your support has been cherished.

While reading the list of donors, I realized half of them were people I did not know. To have people reach out and support this mission, despite not knowing its participants, is a humbling gesture. This has made your giving all the more inspiring.

T-Minus 42 days until departure! We have reached the ‘last-time-I-may-see-this-person-before-leaving’ mentality, as I have been considerably more intentional in visiting friends and enjoying their company while I can. I hope to make this mindset permanent, as it has already yielded fruitful results.

Some sad new to report: Itipini is officially closed. You may remember this community of Mthatha, South Africa from earlier posts about its demolition and subsequent uncertainty. Karen, who is still in Mthatha, has given a thoughtful, emotion-evoking report if you would like to learn more. The bottom line is Itipini is shut down, with no intention of rebuilding.

Jared -who was assigned to Itipini for the upcoming year– has finally found a new placement after several weeks of limbo. He will be assisting a medical mission in Lesotho, the landlocked country inside South Africa.

This reshuffling of placements and communities has helped us all to count our blessings. We may be adopting lifestyles that challenge our visions of the world, and force us into less-than-comfortable living situations, but we can be certain that 1) YASC offers one of the most supportive mission networks around, and 2) we are going to places where our well-being is cared for. In my case, I get to live in a Monastery –when describing the place, how often do people say ‘dangerous’ or ‘risky’? By all accounts, I should be quite at peace with this assignment, while fully expecting to be challenged and to grow as a person. What a blessing.

Another church visit is in the works, so stay tuned!

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