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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hello everyone, and thank you for reading this!! Let me give you some info:

Who are you?
My name is Cameron S, and I have the privilege of joining the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC). This is a blog that will chronicle my 1-year journey.

What is YASC?
The Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) is part of the Episcopal Church. It sends Episcopalians abroad to engage in the worldwide Anglican Communion. The assignment and work responsibilities vary person-to-person.

Where are YOU going?
Glad you asked!!!
If things go as planned, I will be in Grahamstown, South Africa.  I will live in a local monastery and assist with their school program for Kindergarten-4th grade students.  This school’s purpose is to meet the educational needs of local children –needs that have been unmet by the community.

When do you leave?
Fall 2012; Precise date tbd.

How did you get involved?
The idea of going overseas has been in my mind for about a year. A friend/mentor informed me of the YASC program back in December, and I seized the opportunity.  After attending a ‘Discernment Weekend’ in Florida, I officially committed to the year of service, and received word of my assignment 1 month later!

Can I get involved?

There are two key ways you can partake in this mission: Prayer, and financial support. Offering your time to pray for this journey, and offering your financial gifts to support it, make you an invaluable part of this ministry. You may not be physically going, but you are still able to join in the excitement.

If this interests you, than you are invited to join me in this ministry!

To contribute with a check, click here.

To contribute with a credit card, click here. -monthly contributions or one-time donations

(Both forms print fine, even if they appear unformatted on your computer)

What else can you tell me?
A lot!!! Expect hear my personal thoughts on 'mission', the specific responsibilities expected of me while overseas, and the ways you are relevant this experience. And that's just tomorrow's post :)

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