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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back to School -also, I'm spoiled

Greetings, everyone!

After a 2 week break, Holy Cross School has entered the 2nd term (aka 2nd quarter). I will most likely leave SA during the 3rd term, making this current stretch the last significant time with students; it is surreal to think about. Better make it worth it!

Here’s what’s happened this week:

Grade 1 focused heavily on addition, subtraction, and counting. By Friday morning, these students were all-stars.
side note: I’m experimenting with picture grids -feedback welcome!

In general, it takes more words to say something in xhosa than in English (common joke: “That’s why church takes so long!”). Counting is no exception; watch this video and see if you follow along.
ikhulu elinamashumi amabini ananye (121)
ikhulu elinamashumi amabini anesibini (122)
ikhulu elinamashumi amabini anesithathu (123)
ikhulu elinamashumi amabini anesine (124)
ikhulu elinamashumi amabini anesihlanu (125)

Believe it or not, these kids reached 300!

Friday’s laptop class involved a basic typing test; afterwards, each student got to play with the music-making program ‘tamtam minijam’.
Clicking each picture makes a sound. You can also play a continuous beat in the background. No videos this time, but I assure you there was dancing.

One week in, our 2nd term is going well. Students blew the roof off with their newly-learned math skills, and showed little-to-no rust on the computers. I have a suspicion plenty of success will occur in the future, and I look forward to sharing it with you :)

Two other updates on life in SA:
-Winter is coming. The weather is turning cold, and the days are getting shorter. In addition to calling forth long pants and long sleeves, the seasonal change also serves a reminder of my (eventual) departure; I arrived in the middle of winter last year, and it’s getting close to full circle!

-I’ve become a head teacher for Sr. High Sunday School. Every other week, I meet with 4-6 teenagers after the service to discuss the sermon and scripture readings. Several youth often stay behind to talk with me and the monks, where they present their own ‘God questions’ to discuss (ex: one time, a person was curious about speaking in tongues). This has been a great chance for sincere conversations, and to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Now for the “I’m spoiled” part of this post:
This morning, I received a package from my grandmother. I opened it up and saw a homemade quilt; already, I was touched. I then saw the finer details of the quilt -including, oh, the entire other side-, and just about became speechless.
To the wonderful grandmother: THANK YOU NANA!!!!!!

Also many thanks to my aunt/godmother Shannon for providing the African fabrics. In addition to being aunt/godmother extraordinaire, Shannon is also a gifted artist. Check out her website!

Lots of love to you both. I’m a pretty blessed kid :)

To everyone reading this: Thank you for following along, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!
In Christ,

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  1. GREAT post, Cam! thanks for the video op to hear the kids' little voices and for the close up of Nana's note on your quilt. I should have known she'd do that but hadn't seen it. It looks great on your bed. What wealth!